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Clear review on Iron v/s stainless Steel railing System!

When you shift to a new city, having a place of your own becomes a dream. A client of ours who stays in Mumbai too had moved to the city, and they wanted to own a place of their fantasy. Today, this blog will talk about their story and how opting for stainless steel railing was their best decision.

Hear from the client.

We shifted to Mumbai in 2015. It was my wish to get a small but perfect house. When we came across the railing options, I thought going with any ordinary metal would be OK because we all perceive metals as durable. It was not a good decision, though, within 3 years, there were many problems with the installation. These were:

  • Corrosion. The problem became worse in monsoons.
  • Constant breakage. Even when we got it repaired through welding, time and again, the rods used to break apart.
  • Dents were another issue. Each time my child’s bat used to hit the railing system, there appeared a dent.
  • Constant upkeep was required. We got the installation painted once, but that too did no good after six months.

Benefits of replacing with stainless steel railing

The system is good to go for years

The railing system could take it all – people in the house could take its support to climb the stairs, people would lean on it and have a conversation, house members relaxed on the same while peeping down on the floor below; and all this was possible with the SS railing system. Stainless steel railing systems from DP Laser can be the strongest system you can rely on.

No corrosion witnessed

Stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion, which makes sure that the system stays as it is for years to follow. We realized this after switching to DP Laser’s installation. If you install this type of railing system, you can count on it to last.

The deal was great price-wise.

Installing stainless steel railing was the most affordable option in comparison to other types of railings. Besides, we save immensely on maintenance costs. You can easily clean ss railings & gates with any general cleanser or even soap-water solution. Do you fear that your pet will scratch it like it did the carpet or sofa? You can stay stress-free with stainless steel design as there would be no delicate feature attached to it.

Love the colour

I love a lighted up and vibrant home. The shiny silver gave me exactly what I needed. Steel has passed the test of time with flying colours and hence you can be sure that the system will look flawless with any kind of interiors.

It’s a safe house now.

If you have kids or pets at home just like us, this system can be a saviour for you. My kid leans too much on the railing, I can be sure that the installation will not fall apart. Even you try to put much force deliberately, the system would not break apart.

Steel railing can easily rust if exposed to the outdoors, harsh environment. But you can prevent rusting by painting the steel railing. When you choose stainless steel, there would be no occurrence of such rusts.